Sandblasting hull OVNI 445 – 44′ – 14 t – anywhere in Holland


We need :
1. lift-up
2. Sandblasting or other technic (ice blasting, ….) of the hull. Only the bottom and centerboard.
3. Epoxy
4. Anti-fouling (Trilux 33)
5. Lift down
6. Costs on the shipyard

We are currently in Norway (July 2019) and plan to go anywhere we will find a good offer. We have no fixed place to go. But would prefer a shipyard along the coast on Northern part of Holland and easily accessible from the sea, with our mast (21 m air draft). We will also choose a place, where we can easily stay and live, as our boat is our home, we are liveaboards.
Feel free to ask for more information if needed. 🙂
Thank you !


De Boot
Merk Alubat - OVNI 445
Type Zeilboot
Lengte 1380
Breedte 428
Hoogte 100
Gewicht 1400
Situatie In het water
De opdracht
Datum 31-03-2020
Werklocatie Op de werf