Welding a hole at the bottom of a plastic sloep (Remus 420)


The sloep became increasingly unstable and low recently and we thought we could feel the water in the hull. We took it out on the sandy beach yesterday to drain the water from the (double bottom) hull and realised there is a lot of water in the hull but also that there is a crack near the rear end of the sloep, in the centre of the hull. I did not take photos, unfortunately. We drained it but the water quickly got back in and the sloep again became low and unstable. Remus 420 plastic sloep (4.2×1.7m) with a 4hp 4-stroke Yamaha outboard engine. Parked near GGD in Amsterdam. Thanks for your offer.


De Boot
Merk Remus 420
Type Motorboot
Lengte 420
Breedte 170
Hoogte Depending on how much water is in it :)
Gewicht 150 kg but depending on how much water is in it :)
Situatie In het water
Boot postcode en/of plaats Amsterdam 1091
De opdracht
Datum 18-09-2023
Werklocatie Op de werf, Op locatie