Engine Stalling in reverse (Mercury 6CV)


The motor has been having problems with stalling, specially when putting it in reverse. I initially thought this was due to the low idle speed and I tightened the screw of the idle in order for the boat not to stall, however the main problem that I have is when I put it on reserve. The motor kicks up violently every time I put it in reverse (even though it is hooked correctly, It jumps out of the safety hook) and when it kicks up it stalls after and doesn’t start again.
When would be your earliest availability? I would ideally want this issue to be solved the soonest possible and I can adapt my schedule to yours anytime.


De Boot
Type Motorboot
Lengte 550
Breedte 190
Hoogte 50
Gewicht 300
Situatie In het water
Boot postcode en/of plaats Amsterdam, 1016RK
Motor positie Buitenboordmotor
Motor specificaties Mercury 6CV
De opdracht
Datum 26-04-2023
Werklocatie Op locatie
Motor opdracht Reparatie